Eurovision-2013 loses participants to crisis


The list of countries pulling out of next year’s Eurovision Song Contest is getting longer. 10 countries including Portugal and Poland have said they will not take part. Most blame the financial crisis for their withdrawal.

Slovakia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Lichtenstein, Greece, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Luxemburg have also dropped out of the contest.

However Greece and Cyprus’ decision may yet be reversed. Each of the participating countries needs to pay an entrance fee of around $160,000.

Turkey had another reason to skip the next Eurovision issue. The state spoke of their dissatisfaction with the new rules that limit the viewer’s influence on the voting results.

The country also disagrees to the concept of Germany, the UK, France, Italy and Spain automatically qualifying for the finals because they are members of the “privileged” partners of the European Broadcasting Union.

Currently 39 countries have confirmed their participation in the next Eurovision Song Contest.

It will be held in May 2013 in Sweden’s third largest city of Malmo, after Loreen won the 2012 Contest with the song “Euphoria”.


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