Child’s prey


 A GOLDEN eagle swoops on a toddler in a park and tries to carry him away.

The lad is lifted from the ground in the bird’s claws — but then dropped and rescued by his father.

The dramatic scenes have become an internet sensation watched by millions — but doubts were raised last night over whether the video is genuine.

Film experts who studied the sequence in slow motion pointed to a moment when the eagle lets go of the child — but the boy continues to RISE for a split second before falling to the ground.

YouTube users claimed digital effects had been used to create an elaborate stunt.

The eagle’s swoop was allegedly filmed in a park in French-speaking Montreal, Canada.

It features the father swearing in English with a French accent and ends with the camera zooming in on the face of the crying child.

Bird expert Kenn Kaufman also said the video was bogus and may have been staged using a falconer’s bird and a fake child.

The golden eagle, the largest bid of prey in North America, has a wingspan of 6ft and can dive at 150mph.

Its usual prey includes rabbits and squirrels. They have been known to grab goats and pull them off cliffs to kill them.

Last night a group of students in Montreal claimed to have created the video.


They said: “Both the eagle and the kid were created in 3D animation and integrated into the film afterwards.”


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