Jumblat Warns of Further Division between Lebanese, Calls on Officials to Attend Dialogue

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat warned of attempts to cause further sedition and division among Lebanese, urging officials to attend the upcoming national dialogue session.

“We should confront the matter responsibly and fortify coexistence and unity,” Jumblat told his visitors in al-Mukhtara.

The Druze leader stressed on the importance of resuming of the national dialogue between the political foes to overcome the current situation locally and safeguard Lebanon’s stability and civil peace.

He considered that the only solution is to attend the all-party talks.

President Michel Suleiman had called the members of the all-party talks to a session on January 7.

The last session that was set to be held on November 28 was postponed after the March 14 opposition boycotted it for its refusal to sit at the dialogue table with Hizbullah and calling on the cabinet’s resignation.

The Phalange Party had recently declared however that it would attend the session, explaining that it does not seek to “boycott” Suleiman.


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