Turkish citizens lose hope of economic welfare


Turks are entering the New Year with rather pessimistic expectations on welfare similar to crisis-hit Europeans, according to a survey conducted in 54 countries by WIN/Gallup International.

The welfare pessimism among Turks increased this year, with 43 percent of the citizens thinking that things will become harder next year, according to a press release by Barem Research, which undertook the Turkish leg of the survey.

Only 30 percent of Turkish participants think the economic welfare in the country will improve this year.

Some 25 percent sees no change. The net economic hope, which stood at -1 in last year’s survey, dropped to -13 points. The most pessimistic countries are E.U. members, with Portugal and France topping the black side of the list.

The most hopeful people live in Georgia and Azerbaijan, said the survey.

Barem said it interviewed 1,028 people for the Turkish leg of the study.



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