Aoun to Accept Any Electoral Law if President’s Powers Returned to Way They Were Pre-Taif Accord


Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun said on Thursday that the Bkirki meetings that were held between Christian leaders to reach an agreement over a new parliamentary electoral law found that the Orthodox Gathering law offers the best representation, followed by the law based on proportional representation.

He said: “I am ready to accept any electoral law on condition that the president’s privileges be restored to what they were before the Taif Accord.”

“We will accept the Orthodox Gathering law and a weak Christian leader, but on condition that we acquire 64 lawmakers are parliament,” he added after the Change and Reform bloc’s weekly meeting at Rabiyeh.

“The blackmail that has been going on since the Taif Accord must stop. There are some 24 Christian lawmakers who are not affiliated to me. Let them have them. I do not represent anyone. Let them accept the Orthodox Gathering law,” he declared.

“Let them explain to me why the Orthodox Gathering law was rejected,” Aoun demanded.

“I will not believe the excuse that it was rejected in defense of national unity. I alone am sacrificing 24 MPs in the name of unity,” he stressed.

Commenting on the case of refugees flooding Lebanon from Syria, Aoun said: “This issue is beyond humanitarian.”

“Arab countries that are funding and arming the rebels should halt the unrest in Syria and turn to dialogue,” he proposed.

“Lebanon does not have enough space for the refugees. We have not closed the border in their faces, but the country can no longer support their burden,” he noted.

Addressing some Tripoli Muslim clerics’ call against Christmas celebrations, the MP declared: “Some of their statements are an ill omen and we have no room in our future for such calls.”

“Silence over this issue is worse than the silence over the armament of various groups. Murders and takfiri thinking contradict the teachings of Islam,” he added.

The Lebanese constitution speaks of the absolute freedom of belief and practice in Lebanon, he stressed.

The Koran also speaks against takfiris, he continued.

“Only God can act as our judge,” stressed Aoun.



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