Gunman kills three in Swiss village

Three people have been killed and two others wounded in a shooting attack in a village in Switzerland.
Local police officials said a gunman opened fire in the village of Daillon in the canton of Valais, located about 100 kilometers (60 miles) east of Geneva, on Wednesday.

“Three victims died at the scene,” Valais police said. “Two other people were wounded and hospitalized.”

Police arrested a suspect who was shot and injured after he threatened them. The attacker had reportedly been drinking before the shooting.

The name of the suspect was not mentioned by the police, but witnesses identified him as a 30-year-old Daillon resident.

An investigation was launched into the incident, and no motive has been reported for the incident.

Gun attacks rarely occur in Switzerland, although shooting is a very popular sport.

The existing law in the country allows any Swiss citizen aged over 18 to possess arms under certain conditions and men can keep their weapons at home after their military service.

According to the Swiss Defense Ministry, about two million people are private owners of weapons among the country’s population of nearly eight million. Swiss officials say there are also some 240,000 unregistered weapons.


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