Lebanon – Jumblat Says Reconciliation Ceremony to be Held after ‘Brih Wounds’ were Healed

Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat revealed on Friday that the reconciliation in the Mountains was complete after the end of violations against Christian properties in a mixed village in the Shouf district.

“We will hold a reconciliation ceremony under the auspices of the (Maronite) patriarch and the president after the wound of the town of Brih healed following the end of violations against the properties of Christians,” Jumblat told reporters in Bkirki.

“When Patriarch (Beshara) al-Rahi visited the Shouf last summer, we promised him to work on healing the old wound caused by the painful events in the Mountains,” he said.

“With the end of violations against the land of the Christians in Brih, we put a closure to all the pain of the war in the Mountains,” he told reporters following talks with the head of the Maronite church.

During his visit to the Shouf in September, al-Rahi and Jumblat agreed to exert efforts to complete the reconciliation in the Mountains that the former head of the church, Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir, started in 2001.

At the time al-Rahi lauded the efforts exerted by the PSP chief for the return of the displaced to the Mountains, while Jumblat said the reconciliation would be complete only when the wound of the mixed Christian and Druze village heals.

Following his visit to al-Rahi in Bkirki on Friday, the Druze leader reiterated the importance of dialogue among Lebanon’s bickering parties.

“There is no way but to meet and (hold) dialogue,” he said.


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