Arab Foreign Ministers to Hold Meeting on Syrian Refugees in Lebanon on January 13


Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour was informed on Sunday of the Arab League’s agreement to hold a meeting on the case of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

The emergency meeting, made at Lebanon’s request, will be held on January 13 and will include Arab foreign ministers.

The meeting will tackle aid the members of the Arab League could present Lebanon to help it tackle the burden on the refugees fleeing Syria and its regime’s crackdown against protesters.

Mansour revealed that he will present during the upcoming two days a comprehensive file on the case of the refugees and their needs, reported the National News Agency.

The Lebanese government had repeatedly stated that it could not longer support the burden of refugees flooding the country from Syria.

According to the latest report issued by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, 170,637 Syrian refugees have been registered in Lebanon while reports say that around 50,000 are still not registered.

The cabinet agreed on Thursday to urge the Arab League and international organizations to hold extraordinary meetings to highlight the situation of the refugees.


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