Lebanon – Al-Rahi Slams Officials’ Rejection of All-Party Talks: Lebanese Bound by Dialogue


Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi highlighted on Sunday the importance of dialogue, noting that the Lebanese people are “bound” by it.

He wondered during his Sunday sermon at Bkirki: “Is it possible that officials have rejected dialogue that was aimed at tackling fateful affairs?”

“Lebanon’s diverse social fabric distinguishes it as a country of dialogue,” he added.

“The Lebanese people are in need of real dialogue on the national level that will help end the political division that is cutting the country into two contradictory halves,” stressed al-Rahi.

“The people should enjoy security and not be at the mercy of illegitimate arms,” he emphasized.

“Our Christian culture calls on us to bolster fraternity and shun division. We call on Christians, especially political ones, to sacrifice some personal gains for dialogue,” said the patriarch.

“The Lebanese people are entitled to a strong capable government able to build national unity and devise a new and fair parliamentary electoral law,” he added.

“The Lebanese people are entitled to know the truth behind the developments in Syria and Middle East. They must learn how to fortify themselves against their repercussions,” he continued.

“The Lebanese people should now how the state is helping them avert the political, security, and social dangers that may arise from hosting refugees from Syria, who should be welcomed in a humanitarian manner,” stressed al-Rahi.


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