Lebanon – Hizbullah, FPM, AMAL to Meet ahead of Tuesday’s Electoral Subcommittee Meeting


Representatives from Hizbullah, the Free Patriotic Movement, and AMAL are expected to meet before Tuesday’s resumption of the electoral subcommittee meetings aimed at tackling the parliamentary electoral law, reported the daily An Nahar on Sunday.

It said that the meeting of March 8 parties aims to unify the camp’s position ahead of the talks.

The electoral subcommittee is scheduled to convene on Tuesday after the March 14 opposition agreed to Speaker Nabih Berri’s proposal of residing in a hotel near the parliament building in downtown Beirut, as a safety precaution.

The opposition alliance had announced following the assassination of Internal Security Forces Intelligence Bureau head Brigadier General Wissam al-Hasan on October 19 that they will be boycotting the national dialogue sessions and the government’s work, awaiting Prime Minister Najib Miqati’s resignation.

The government approved in August an electoral bill based on proportional representation and 13 districts, but it was met with the opposition’s rejection, which deemed it as being tailored to the March 8 majority camp’s interests.


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