Syrian troops wipe out large numbers of militants

Syrian government forces have killed large numbers of foreign-backed insurgents across the country, according to Syrian media outlets.
The official daily newspaper of the Syrian government, al-Thawra, said on Saturday that the military has killed a number of militant leaders and field commanders in various parts of the country.

Rocket launchers and large caches of weapons were also confiscated in several areas, the al-Thawra report added.

In addition, Syrian border guards inflicted heavy blows on terrorist groups trying to infiltrate the country through the Lebanese border and forced them to retreat, the reports added.

There are some reports saying that clashes are underway between Syrian soldiers and anti-government forces in the countryside outside of Damascus, while other reports say the Syrian army has managed to drive out most of the militants.

And Syrian security forces have surrounded militants in the town of Daraya, which is located near the capital.

It has also been reported that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad intends to make a key speech in the next two days outlining his views on a political solution to the crisis and the national elections, which are scheduled to be held in 2014.


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