Lebanon – Electricity repairs pushed back by bad weather, strike

 Electricite du Liban warned Monday that electricity supply could deteriorate further after a massive storm caused failures on distribution networks across the country.

“The storm currently sweeping across Lebanon has caused large multiple failures on both medium-voltage and low-voltage distribution networks,” a statement by EDL said.

The statement said a three-day strike announced Monday by EDL employees would limit the company’s ability to conduct repairs for current failures and for those expected over the coming few days.

“Given the harsh weather conditions and the strike, we would be only able to conduct repairs starting from Friday,” the statement added.

In an earlier statement, the EDL workers association had announced the strike following a meeting where the 2013 budget, which is being drafted by the Finance Ministry for the state-run company, was discussed.

The association said the budget included cuts of several employees’ benefits and ignored decree number 7410 that adjusted the salary scales of EDL employees.

“We hope that the Finance Ministry reconsiders the budget and restores the situation to normal,” the EDL statement said. “Failing to do so would lead to further escalation and we apologize to the public for [the power cuts expected] from the strike.”


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