Lebanon – Jumblat Rejects Orthodox Gathering Electoral Proposal


 Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat openly opposed on Tuesday the adoption of the Orthodox Gathering proposal, describing it as an “adventure.”

“Adopting the Christian proposal has many risks that would lead to extremism and isolation of sects,” Jumblat told As Safir newspaper.

He considered that the Orthodox Gathering proposal jeopardizes coexistence and the Taef accord.

On Sunday, The Christian four-party committee on the electoral law agreed to endorse the electoral system proposed by the so-called Orthodox Gathering, under which each sect would elect its own lawmakers.

The panel comprises representatives from the Free Patriotic Movement, the Lebanese Forces, the Phalange Party and the Marada Movement.

Jumblat has already rejected an electoral draft-law approved by the government that divides Lebanon into 13 medium-sized districts based on a proportional representation system, and another suggested by the March 14 opposition to divide Lebanon into 50 small-sized districts based on a winner-takes-all system.


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