Lebanon – Millions of Dollars in Damages Caused by Storm as Snow Expected to Fall at Altitudes of 300 Meters


The storm that has been hitting Lebanon since Saturday has caused millions of dollars in damages throughout Lebanon.

In the southern city of Tyre, the damage was inflicted against the roads, crops, and tourist establishments, particularly in the area from the Teir Fliseh bridge to the Qassimiyeh area near the Litani River.

Activity at Tyre Port was halted for a second day, with the high sea waves preventing fishermen from heading to their boats.

In the region of Arbin, some 10,000 books from the region’s public library were destroyed in the flooding.

The Arbin municipal council held the company charged with sewage and water works projects responsible for the damage.

In the northern region of al-Dinniyeh, a six-meter high and 100-meter long wall collapsed near the Aasoun waterfall, causing heavy traffic in the area.

Aasoun municipal head Motasem Abdul Qader told the National News Agency that bulldozers, along with local residents, are working on reopening the blocked road.

Meanwhile, Civil Defense teams in al-Dinniyeh said that the road connecting the area to al-Hermel has been blocked by snow.

Further north in Akkar, farmers revealed that the Kabir and al-Ostwan Rivers flooded their banks and the floods may pose a risk to all of the region’s potato crops that cover an area of over 6000 hectares.

Elsewhere, poultry farms reported that a number of chickens died from the cold due to lack of sufficient heating in their establishments.

The storm is expected to intensify on Wednesday with heavy rain, strong winds, thunderstorms, and a dip in temperature predicted.

Snow is expected to at first fall at altitudes of 600 meters before reaching areas of 300 meters.

Temperatures along the coast are set to reach 8 to 12 degrees, while temperatures are set to reach 0 to 4 degrees in mountainous regions and 3 to 5 degrees in regions further inland.


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