Mom and daughter reunite—after 3 decades


A mother and daughter were recently reunited after 36 years of being apart.

Jenny Hadley was just 15 when she gave birth to Elaine. Hadley, wanting to give her daughter a more stable upbringing, gave her up for adoption—but never forgot about her. In recent years, Hadley began searching online reunion sites with the hopes of reconnecting.

It worked.

CBS Chicago filmed the joyful reunion. Hadley waited at a local train station for her daughter and, when Elaine arrived, the two embraced repeatedly. “Amazing, just amazing,” Hadley said. “It only took me 36 years.”

Elaine Harmon echoed her mom’s sentiments. “It’s a dream come true,” she said. “A billion-dollar lottery doesn’t feel this good.”

Hadley is eager to meet her son-in-law, who is currently serving in Afghanistan. CBS Chicago also reports that Hadley has “a standing invitation from Elaine’s adoptive parents to spend every Christmas with them.”

Just last week, another miraculous reunion took place when a brother and sister found each other after 65 years apart. Hooray for the Internet.



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