Roknabadi Says Iran Wants to Isolate Lebanon from Syria’s Turmoil

Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Ghazanfar Roknabadi said on Wednesday that his country is trying protect Lebanon from the consequences of Syria’s ongoing internal conflict.

“Iran wants to share its initiative to end Syria’s turmoil,” Roknabadi revealed after meeting with former Prime Minister Fouad Saniora, adding that he also discussed with the al-Mustaqbal bloc leader Syrian President Bashar Assad’s suggestion of ending the military conflicts and finding a peaceful solution out of the war.

“We have also talked about the repercussions of the flow of Syrian and Palestinian refugees to Lebanon,” he shared.

Commenting on the role of his country in Lebanon’s politics, the Iranian diplomat said that the possibility of a dialogue between Hizbullah and al-Mustaqbal is an internal Lebanese matter.

He added: “Nevertheless we have continuously encouraged talks between different parties in the country”.

Roknabadi explained that Iran is trying to keep the same distance with all Lebanese parties by investing in development projects all over the country, and following up on the regions’ issues with different leaders.


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