Syrian Kurds tell militants to end siege on Ras al-Ain

A coalition of Kurdish parties in Syria has urged foreign-backed militants to end the siege and indiscriminate shelling of the northern town of Ras al-Ain.
On Saturday, the Kurdish National Council condemned the ongoing assault “against unarmed civilians,” saying militants were shelling the town indiscriminately.

Fierce clashes broke out between Syrian Kurds and militants on Saturday in northern Syria near the Turkish border.

Reports say insurgents crossed the border into Syria with three tanks with the goal of capturing the strategic town.

The militants are reportedly loyal to two major groups operating in Syria and have staged several attacks on the town over the past few months.

Syria’s Kurdish population has been one of the targets of the foreign-backed insurgents since the unrest began in the country in March 2011.

On Saturday, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) condemned the killing of children in Syria. UNICEF also called on all parties involved in the conflict to “ensure civilians — and children especially — are spared the effects of the conflict.”


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