Davos 2013: Healing world economic wounds with resilient dynamism


The annual World Economic Forum meeting is due to kick off on January 23. Apart from resilient dynamism, this year’s agenda is going to cover a wide range of other burning topics.

­The cosy Swiss ski resort of Davos will host the Forum for the 43rd time. This year 45 heads of states and thousands of the world’s business elite are expected to participate in the annual gathering. 

The theme of this year Forum is Resilient Dynamism, an idea that will also shape the Forum’s report, on global risks. According to the forum, resilience and dynamism are the qualities that countries lack in order to prosper in today’s world, but neither is alone sufficient. It is the combination that makes the difference. However, there are doubts if this combination is the remedy to the economic troubles. 

“Calling for resilient dynamism is a good idea, but it’s not a strategy, it doesn’t tell you what to do. As I think there is going to be a lot of work on global institutions, both European governments within the Eurozone and global governments at G20 to strengthen economic coordination. Without that you won’t get the dynamism we need,” Professor Jack Goldstone, of George Mason University, told Business RT.

The range of other issues that are going to be discussed at the Forum is impressively wide – from Arab revolutions and youth unemployment to women’s role in a modern world economy and even global warming. The expectations are high for this year’s discussions.

“I think the talk would be at least less pessimistic than last year. And that’s a great step forward, because as I said the big clouds in the world economy which were the euro, the big cloud that was the fiscal cliff in the US, at least they have been managed in a way that allows us a little bit of a breath,” Gabriela Ramos, Chief of Staff of the Secretary-General of the OECD told Business RT.

Russian delegation will be headed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who is due to open the forum with a speech which will discuss alternative sources for stable economic growth in the Russian Federation.


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