Syria is being destroyed, but I am not a quitter: Brahimi


 “Syria is being destroyed bit by bit,” UN Syria Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi told reporters in a media briefing held at UN Headquarters in New York on Jan. 29, while strongly affirming he is not resigning as had been reported. “I told the Security Council I am embarrassed to be repeating the same thing: Syria is being destroyed. Objectively [both parties] are cooperating to destroy Syria. Syria is being destroyed bit by bit and the region is being pushed into a situation that is completely bad for the entire world,” said Brahimi.

Brahimi also urged the Security Council to take action and reaffirm their attachment for Syria’s independence and the dignity of the citizens. Brahimi indicated the Security Council must lift the ambiguity of Geneva agreement, a formula he has been promoting since his appointment, regarding the transfer of power to a transitional government. “A very critical element is the creation of the transitional government with full executive powers. There is a very clever, creative ambiguity. You have got to say what these powers are. As I understand all the powers of state have to be granted,” said Brahimi. 

While admitting he had not made much progress on the Syria agenda, the UN envoy also clarified that he was not planning to toss away the towel just yet. “I’m not a quitter. The UN has no other choice than to remain engaged with this problem. I did not want this job. I did not need this job. I do this job because, perhaps stupidly, I feel something of a duty. The moment I feel that I am totally useless I will not stay one minute more,” said Brahimi, reiterating his desire to pursue coordinating efforts to find a solution for the 22-month-old uprising. 

Brahimi added that although his “powers of conviction” didn’t bear fruit, both sides were more sensitive to his propositions. “Both sides have stated that if there is a political solution they will listen, provided that this solution gives 100 percent of all the things they want,” the UN envoy said.


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