Lebanon – Suleiman Calls on Army to Deal Firmly with Any Security Tension


President Michel Suleiman demanded on Saturday the army command not to tolerate any act that would create security tension across the country.

Suleiman, during a meeting with Military Intelligence chief Brig. Gen. Edmond Fadel, called on the Lebanese to support the army and give priority to the country’s best interest to maintain security and stability.

“Any attempt to destabilize security will be confronted firmly and with force,” the president pointed out.

He demanded the army command “not to tolerate anyone who attacks its officers and its personnel.”

On Friday, two soldiers and a wanted man were killed in an ambush in the eastern town of Arsal near the border with Syria.

A military communique said that a patrol was ambushed by gunmen as it was hunting a man wanted for several terrorist acts.

The clashes that ensued left an officer with the rank of captain and a soldier dead, and several military personnel wounded, it added.


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