First Lady’s one ’elle of a groover


 MICHELLE Obama shows off her moves as she hits the dancefloor alongside TV host Jimmy Fallon.

The wife of the US President revealed her dance skills as she promoted her fitness initiative “Let’s Move” on the broadcaster’s Late Night With show.

Fallon dressed in drag to prance alongside the First Lady for the “Evolution of Mum Dancing” showcase.

Michelle started off with such moves as Raise the Roof, Hip Bump and The Sprinkler before progressing to Driving The Station Wagon and Just The Hand Part of Single Ladies.

Plus she performed the hilarious Where’s Your father? Get Him Back Here! and Oh My God, I Love This Song! — moves that will be familiar to every mother, just NOT performed in a nightclub.

Michelle told the viewers she was considering a career in television after her hubby leaves The White House in 2016.

She joked: “I hear that when Jay Leno retires that The Tonight Show position is going to open and I’m thinking about putting my hat in the ring.”

But if that falls through, there’s always a slot on Dancing With The Stars…



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