Lebanon – Suleiman, Miqati Suggest Electoral Law that Combines Berri, Mustaqbal Proposals


Envoys of President Michel Suleiman and Prime Minister Najib Miqati are expected to present to various political factions a new version of the hybrid electoral draft law, reported the daily An Nahar Tuesday.

It said that Suleiman’s envoy, former Minister Khalil al-Hrawi, and Miqati’s envoy, Economy Minister Nicolas Nahhas, are set to hold discussions with the factions on a law that sees the election of 68 MPs based on the winner-takes-all system and 60 based on the proportional representation system.

The president and premier’s draft law is also based on 26 electoral districts and nine provinces, added the daily.

This law combines that of Speaker Nabih Berri and the Mustaqbal bloc.

MP Ali Bazzi, of Berri’s Development and Liberation bloc, had presented during parliamentary subcommittee sessions a version of the hybrid law that sees the election of half the MPs through the winner-takes-all system and the other half through proportional representation.

It too is based on 26 districts.

For its part, the Mustaqbal bloc had presented a draft law based on the same number of districts.

No more than five candidates can run in a single district, the largest of which will include an entire Qada.



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