Lebanon – Aoun Rejects Elections Based on 1960 Law: Claims Orthodox Proposal is Unconstitutional are Heresy


Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun announced on Tuesday his commitment to holding the parliamentary elections on time.

He added however that he opposes staging them according to the amended version of the 1960 law that was adopted during the last elections, held in 2009.

He made his remarks after the Change and Reform bloc’s weekly meeting at Rabieh.

Moreover, he deemed all claims that the Orthodox Gathering electoral law unconstitutional as heresy and “an attempt to usurp the rights of Christians.”

“The call on electoral bodies to the parliamentary elections based on the 1960 law is acceptable had those who made the call not been opposed to this law,” Aoun said.

He made his comment in reference to President Michel Suleiman and Prime Minister Najib Miqati’s signing of a decree on Monday calling on the bodies to the polls based on the old law.

The president and premier made decisions that they are not entitled to make, added Aoun.

“We consider their action a form of blackmail and an attempt to pressure the constitutional council to reject the Orthodox Gathering proposal,” he noted.

Suleiman and Miqati had repeatedly rejected the Orthodox Gathering law, with the latter saying that it will not be approved at parliament, let alone the constitutional council.

“We do not fear the 1960 law, even if we are opposed to it,” continued the FPM leader.

“I oppose extending the term of the current parliament,” he stated.

“Is dissolving the constitutional council acceptable? Is usurping the rights of Christians constitutional?” he wondered.

“Are the repeated attacks against the army acceptable? Is blocking roads part of coexistence? Is the smuggling of arms from Lebanese ports to our neighbors a sign of respect to treaties with these countries and the Arab League?” Aoun asked.

“Is distancing ourselves from Akkar, Tripoli, and the Bekaa town of Arsal a form of imposing Lebanon’s sovereignty and independence?” continued the MP.

Furthermore, he accused the Mustaqbal Movement and March 14 forces of obstructing legislative work in Lebanon, declaring: “They have deprived us of our rights and they are now blackmailing each other through dirty sectarian dealings.”



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