Lebanon – Jumblat: PSP Will Seek Agreement with All Parties on Hybrid Law to Avoid Postponing Elections


Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat revealed on Monday that the party is keen to reach an agreement among all political parties on a new electoral law.

He said in his weekly editorial to the PSP-affiliated al-Anbaa website: “We are seeking an agreement on an electoral law that combines the winner-takes-all and proportional representation systems in order to avert the postponement of the elections.”

“The postponement of the elections will lead the country to the unknown and mark a step backwards for Lebanon,” he noted.

Furthermore, he rejected the possibility of the formation of a caretaker government “because that will lead to political, security, and economic chaos in Lebanon.”

Jumblat also opposed the possibility of forming a constituent assembly because it violates the Taef Accord.

In addition, the MP strongly condemned the recent criticism by some local parties against Gulf states “that have long enjoyed historic ties with Lebanon.”

“This same condemnation applies to some official statements that were recently made and which contradict the government’s policy of disassociation,” he added.

He made his remark in reference to Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour’s suggestion last week that Syria’s seat at the Arab League be restored.

The statement was condemned by various opposition figures in Lebanon, who accused the minister of serving the Syrian regime’s interests.

Addressing the dispute over the new wage scale, Jumblat said: “Approving the scale without properly preparing for it will leave negative repercussions on several fields.”

“Tackling this file in a haphazard manner will not resolve the discrepancies between the various sectors in Lebanon,” he noted.

“It is time to reconsider the role of public administrations and their productivity and study ways to develop them,” stressed Jumblat.

“It is therefore very important to provide the necessary funds for the new wage scale away from popular disputes and debates,” he said.

“This can be made possible through curbing the smuggling at the airport and ports,” he suggested.



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