Jumblat Calls for Preventing Sedition, Warns: Tough Days ahead for Lebanon


Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat warned on Saturday that “difficult days are ahead for Lebanon”, urging political factions in the country to work on preventing sedition.

“We must all work towards preserving national unity and preventing sedition as tough days are ahead,” Jumblat said following a march organized by the PSP from the Mukhtara palace to the grave of the party’s founder Kamal Jumblat on the anniversary of his assassination.

Jumblat bowed in front of the graves of the “innocent martyrs that were assassinated on a black day in the Shouf (area of Mount Lebanon) in 1977”.

He noted: “On the memory of the launch of the fight for dignity and freedom in Syria, we must bow in front of the sacrifices of Syrians”.

Kamal Jumblat, who officially founded the PSP in 1949, was assassinated on March 16, 1977.



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