LEBANON – Miqati Said Border Situation ‘Top Priority’: We’ll Follow-Up on Syria’s Letter


Prime Minister Najib Miqati revealed on Saturday that the Lebanese authorities are giving “top priority” to the border situation, promising that he will follow-up on the Syrian note that threatened to bomb regions inside Lebanon.

“The army has been given directions to appropriately deal with violations,” Miqati said during security meetings he held to discuss the latest developments on the border.

The talks also tackled the necessary measures to be adopted in this respect.

“We reiterate our calls to different Lebanese factions to abide by the policy of disassociation towards Syria’s conflict”.

The premier has received Syria’s foreign ministry’s note regarding the situation on the Lebanese-Syrian border, and stressed that he will follow-up on this issue “on ground and through diplomatic means”.

The intentions behind the letter are to “preserve the relations between both countries and to safeguard their interests through fighting violations”, Miqati’s office elaborated.

The PM also discussed with Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji measures taken by the military institution to prevent any sneaking in of fighters or weapon smuggling on the border with Syria.

Lebanon has already seen a spillover of the Syrian conflict in recent months, with frequent clashes in the northern and eastern areas of the country.

Syrian troops have on several occasions fired shells over the border, while the Damascus regime accused Lebanon of allowing Sunni fighters to cross illegally into Syria to join the rebels.

On Thursday, Syria warned that its forces would fire into Lebanon if “terrorist gangs” continued to infiltrate the country.

In a letter of protest to Lebanon, the neighboring country’s foreign ministry said: “Armed terrorist gangs have infiltrated Syrian territory in large numbers from Lebanon”.

“Syrian forces have confronted these gangs and clashes are continuing,” the letter said.


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