Eight things about ‘Man of Steel’s’ Henry Cavill and Gina Carano


As Henry Cavill steals the hearts of many moviegoers with this weekend’s “Man of Steel,” it should be noted that the British actor playing Superman is currently in a relationship with one Gina Carano.

Here are few things to know about the actor and his lady love.

1. She’s a retired mixed-martial arts fighter and was one of the sport’s leading athletes. She favors the Muay Thai style of fighting.

2. Carano used to play stunt pro “Crush” on the “American Gladiators” reboot in 2008. (Awesome.)

3. Cavill, 30, thinks “she’s amazing,” he recently told Details magazine. Well, duh. And the pair prefers to hang out close to their home in Manhattan Beach.

“I’m not much of a schmoozer … not much of an event-goer. I’d rather stay close to here. This doesn’t feel like L.A. It doesn’t feel like work,” he told the mag.

4. They’ve been dating since fall 2012 and made their relationship official when they walked the 2013 Critics’ Choice Awards red carpet together. They apparently had an “instant connection,” according to Us Weekly.

5. You may have seen the 31-year-old recently on the big screen. She plays agent Riley Hicks in “Fast & Furious 6,” in which she works closely with Vin Diesel as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s sidekick and has an intense brawl with Michelle Rodriguez.

6. The MMA fighter got her film start in the fight flick “Blood and Bone,” then had her breakout role in “Haywire.” She left MMA to work on her budding film career.

“I had to take everything I was taught and reverse it,” Carano recently told the Los Angeles Times. “In training in mixed martial arts, you’re taught to keep all your emotions inside and then just exude it through your power. With acting, you bring all your emotions to the outside and pull back your power. It’s kind of like opposite day.”

7. Carano has admitted that her skllls have meant getting “physical with some of the hottest guys in Hollywood,” including Ewan McGregor, Channing Tatum and even Michael Fassbender, who apparently got a vase to the face while filming Steven Soderbergh’s “Haywire.”

8. “Gina is a complete firecracker,” a friend recently told Us Weekly. “And she’s finally found someone [in Cavill] who can handle her. She says they have a good thing going!”

Now she may not be Lois Lane, but she’s definitely OK for Superman in our reporter’s notebook.



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