Police intervene at Istanbul’s Taksim Square, enter Gezi Park


Police intervened once again in Istanbul’s Taksim Square using tear gas and water cannons to quell the protesters an hour after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s ultimatum to evacuate the Gezi Park before tomorrow.

Ambulances are seen entering the park. Police have also entered the park for the first time after two weeks. Security forces took over the park, demolishing the tents of the protesters. The police have also cordoned off the Taksim Square.

The riot police stationed in front of the Atatürk Cultural Center made announcements before the intervention asking protesters to disperse from the park.   

The protesters had earlier decided to stay at the park following the government’s assurance that it will comply with a court decision that suspends the redevelopment plans for the site. 

The Taksim Solidarity Platform which launched the protests two weeks ago had also called for a mass meeting tomorrow at 4 p.m.

There was a vast crowd, including kids and elderly people in the park, only minutes before the police raid. 




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