UN secretary-general calls for restraint for second time since start of Gezi protests


 The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has expressed his concerns on the protests in Turkey that erupted over the demolition attempt of Istanbul’s Gezi Park June 18 for the second time since the beginning of the demonstrations that spread across the country. Ban also called on the respect of the right to peaceful assembly, urging the government to prevent new confrontation between the police and protesters.  

“The Secretary-General urges maximum restraint and the pursuit of constructive dialogue in order to resolve differences and avoid further violent confrontation,” Ban’s Spokesperson Eduardo del Buey said in a statement. 

“He believes that stability is best assured through such dialogue and when the rights to peaceful assembly and the freedom of expression are fully respected,” he added. 

Ban also expressed his regret over the four casualties ocurred during the wave of protests that entered its fourth week. 

The U.N. secretary-general had called on dialogue a week ago after police had intervened in Taksim Square in an attempt to clear the site of “banners and flags” on June 11. 




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