Britain, U.S. kill innocent civilians through proxies in Syria


The governments of Britain and the U.S. are conspiring for a bogus pretense for intervening militarily in yet another Middle Eastern country.

Like former British prime minister, Tony Blair, and former U.S. president George W. Bush, David Cameron and Barack Obama are making every attempt to sell the allegation that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against its own people.

As for Iraq, where claims of existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) emerged to be indefensible, scandalous lies, the British and U.S. authorities are claiming that forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad of Syria have used chemical weapons, and thus crossed imaginary “red line”, set out by the global arrogance.

The scenarios being considered by both Britain and the U.S. for invading Syria are very much similar to those used against Iraq to justify a war, which killed almost one million people and displaced millions more.

These include making every attempt to sell the allegation that the Syrian government has WMDs, trying to establish a “no-fly zone” over parts of Syria, which itself requires destruction of the targeted country’s air force, surface to air missiles, and other infrastructure, and seeking to open a so-called “humanitarian corridor” inside Syria to help people affected by the war.

This shows that the U.S.-led coalition has officially started down a path that inevitably leads to full-scale war.

The British and U.S. spying agencies have already been directly involved in the Syrian conflict for well over two years now, providing logistic help as well as thousands of tons of weapons illegally to terrorists in Syria through the dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The global arrogance also employs media outlets to propagate meaningless terms such as “non-lethal aid” in a war setting. It’s meaningless because so-called non-lethal aid directly assists in the business of killing innocents.

Ridiculous chemical weapons claims being propagated by the British and U.S. media outlets are like those claims made by Tony Blair and George W. Bush which were based on absolutely no evidence.

Having learned nothing from Iraq, the British and U.S. media again shamelessly regurgitate the “facts” as spoon-fed to them by their governments, no questions asked.

This is while that the role of the UN as a legal reference entity is wishfully being ignored as far as the usage of WMDs is concerned.

“According to the testimonies we have gathered, the [Syrian] rebels have used chemical weapons, making use of sarin gas”, said top UN rights investigator Carla del Ponte.

The UN representative reiterated again that “rebels” have used chemical weapons, not the Syrian government.

However, David Cameron and Barak Obama, who are seeking to regain lost popularity by invading a third country, like what their predecessors Tony Blair and George W. Bush did to Iraq and Afghanistan, are ignoring the UN role because they have invested too much of their foreign policy credibility in Syria.

Both Cameron and Obama have played as the backbone of terrorists in Syria. They have handpicked a group of rich Syrian exiles and molded them into their “officially recognized” government of Syria, while pressuring other nations to also recognize these nobodies as the “legitimate Syrian government.”

More importantly, the anti-Syria diplomacy required that diplomatic relations between Syria and its neighbors – like Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey – be destroyed. These nations have peacefully co-existed for decades with Syria, but have now agreed – under immense U.S. pressure – to sever diplomatic relations while helping destroy the Syrian government by funneling guns and foreign fighters into the country.

The British and U.S.’s Syria policy has turned an already-fragile region into a smoldering tinderbox.

Having learned nothing from the catastrophes of Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya, it seems President Obama, the equally clueless UK Prime Minister Cameron and his culturally challenged Foreign Secretary William Hague are cheer-leading another bloodbath in formerly peaceful, outward looking Syria.



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