Kerry rules out military action in Syria


 US Secretary of State John Kerry ruled out a military solution for Syria and called for a settlement based on last year’s Geneva peace plan.
“This is not Libya. It is very different in many, many ways,” Kerry told reporters in Kuwait City in response to a question on why there had been no military intervention in Syria as during Libya’s 2011 armed uprising.
According to AFP, Kerry made the remarks after holding talks with Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Sabah.
Unlike Libya, he said foreign forces including Hezbollah had intervened in Syria, while Russia was supplying the regime with arms.
Kerry warned the fighting in Syria could lead to the destruction of the state, the collapse of the army and a total breakdown of a sectarian strife for many years to come.
“That becomes far more dangerous for all the region because it will empower extremists… and the potential increase of terrorism,” which is not acceptable to the civilized world.
“There is no military solution here… We need to reach out for a diplomatic solution” through negotiations in the Swiss city of Geneva, said Kerry.
Such talks would seek to implement the “Geneva 1 communique which requires a transition government in a neutral environment,” he added, referring to the 2012 peace plan backed by Russia.
Kerry also called on Iran to pull its troops out of Syria and for Hezbollah to return to Lebanon.
Saudi Arabia earlier urged global action to bring an end to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, telling Kerry the civil war had turned into “genocide.”



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