Egypt army drafts roadmap to suspend constitution, scrap parl.


Informed sources say the Egyptian army’s has drafted a road map to end the political crisis in the country by suspending the constitution and dissolving the parliament.

The army issued a 48-hour ultimatum on Monday for President Mohamed Morsi to reach a power-sharing compromise with the opposition by Wednesday, before the armed forces intervene with a road map.

On Tuesday, the Egyptian president’s office said Morsi and his Prime Minister Hisham Kandil had held talks for the second day with Chief of the Armed Forces General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who has noted that wasting more time will lead to deeper political division in the country.

Meanwhile, the June 30 Front, an opposition umbrella group, announced that it had picked the leading opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei to represent them in talks for the political transition.

The Front “entrusts ElBaradei with the responsibility to ensure the execution of the Egyptian people’s demands and to draft a scenario that aims at the complete implementation of the road map for the political transition,” the opposition group said in an English statement.
Morsi, however, has dismissed the deadline, saying he will pursue his own plans for national reconciliation.

The Muslim Brotherhood, to which Morsi’s party belongs, has called for acts of martyrdom to stop what it described as a coup.

The Egyptian Alliance Party also voiced its opposition against the use of army to attack the government.

Meanwhile, Morsi’s ministers of foreign affairs, legal affairs, tourism, environment, and communications as well as two presidency and one cabinet spokesmen have tendered their resignations in the past two days.

On Tuesday, anti-government protesters packed Cairo’s Liberation Square once again to renew calls on Morsi to step down. Pro-Morsi demonstrators also took to the streets to back him against the opposition.

At least 16 have been killed since Sunday in clashes between Morsi supporters and his opponents who accuse him of manipulating power and blame him for failing to bring about the political and economic changes demanded during the 2011 revolution


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