Referee Quartered and Beheaded for Killing Footballer in Brazil


A double murder has taken place at an amateur football match in Brazil’s Maranhao state – a referee, who fatally stabbed a football player was stoned to death, and his body quartered and decapitated by the victim’s fans, the Correio24horas website said.

The tragedy broke out when a referee of a football match in the Pius XII municipality, 20-year-old Otavio Silva, expelled 31-year-old player Josenir Abreu from a game. Abreu argued and kicked the referee. In a scuffle that followed, Da Silva allegedly drew a knife and stabbed his opponent in the chest. Abreu succumbed to his injuries on the way to hospital.

“Some spectators in the stadium invaded the field and attacked the referee, who was tied up, beaten, stoned and quartered. Then they stuck his head on a stake and put it on the field,” the paper said.

Police has arrested one suspect, aged 27, while two others are wanted.

“One crime should not serve as a justification for another,” local police chief Valter Costa said.

The tragedy took place last Sunday, but the news was made public only recently.




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