Sharing Stone: Star exposes herself in see-through top


 SHARON Stone leaves very little to the imagination as she takes to the streets of Paris in a sheer top – and no bra.

The veteran screen star proves that grabbing attention in risqué outfits remains a Basic Instinct of hers.

The 55-year-old actress held two fingers aloft to form the peace sign – but it was another two of her body parts that really caught the eye.

Sharon certainly hasn’t become shy with age, brazenly shopping in the French capital with plenty on display.

The blonde star first launched to fame in 1992 playing murderous novelist Catherine Tramell in erotic thriller Basic Instinct, alongside Michael Douglas.

She infamously revealed all when she opened her legs in the movie – and it seems she’s still fond of exposing herself.

Last year, Sharon revealed how she managed to bag her role in the film.

She explained: “My manager Chuck Binder actually broke into someone’s office and stole the script.

“I read it and thought, oh my God, this is the greatest character I ever read.”



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