Back in her mother’s arms: Emotional moment British teenager who went missing with Turkish waiter is REUNITED with her family

  • Faye Jones, 16, of Northumberland, disappeared four days ago in Marmaris
  • She was found with Murat Can Ertani, 22, today in a Turkish town
  • Her sobbing mother Rhonda Jones, 39, asked: ‘Why? Do you love him?’
  • The crying teenager replied: ‘I was just frightened of what he might do’
  • Ertani, a Turkish waiter, has been arrested on suspicion of kidnap
  • Another British teen says Ertani also seduced her and she became pregnant

 A British teenager who went missing with a Turkish waiter while on holiday has been found and reunited with her frantic mother.

Faye Jones, 16, was last seen four days ago getting into a car in the resort of Marmaris with Murat Can Ertani, 22.

But today police contacted her mother Rhonda Jones, 39, to say that she had been found with Can about an hour away from the resort.

As the pair embraced, a tearful Miss Jones asked her daughter: ‘Why did you do it Faye? Why? Do you love him?’

The sobbing teenager replied: ‘No I don’t love him. I was just frightened of what he might do.’

 The pair were reunited at 3pm at a police station in Mugla and were taken into a room with a translator so Faye, who was sunburned and had insect bites and scratches on her legs, could give a detailed account of her four day ordeal.

An overcome Miss Jones fell to her knees when she received a phone call 90 minutes earlier to say her daughter had been found.

 Hugging her sister Lisa Jones, 35, she said: ‘I’m both delighted and terrified. I have to see her. I have to know she’s ok – and what has happened to her.’

Ertani was arrested and faces charges of kidnap. Local police sources said he could face eight years in a Turkish jail.

Faye and Ertani were spotted by two Turkish police officers who drove past them as they walked along a road in Mugla, some 35 miles from Marmaris where she disappeared.

‘At first they did a double take but quickly realised it was missing Faye and they picked them up,’ said police chief Ergin Sicakdemir.

Today Faye’s cousin, Stacey Lithgow, 25, today said: ‘My sister sent me a text saying Faye has been found. I am going over to her house to speak to people in Turkey now.

‘I can’t explain how relieved I am. It is great news.’

A Facebook page, committed to finding the teenager, said: ‘It is with great pleasure I can say that Faye Jones has been found. Police have her but she has not yet been reunited with Rhonda. I would like to thank you all for your help and support during this time.’

Faye arrived in Marmaris on June 27 with her mother to visit her grandmother Jackie Armstrong, 68, as a reward after studying hard for her GCSE exams.

The teenager had met Can last year and had secretly kept in touch via Facebook and on Skype.

Faye’s mother banned her from seeing the barman last week after he erupted into a jealous rage during a night out. She said that Can had ordered Faye to stop dancing.

Miss Jones had insisted Faye return home with her last Thursday because she was worried the teenager had become too closely involved with the barman, who she claims has convictions for violence and robbery.

Miss Jones said: ‘I’m really frightened for her safety. The more people I talk to the more dreadful things I hear about Can. I’ve been told he’s been to prison for stabbing someone.’

But while Miss Jones was preparing to leave for the airport last Thursday, Faye took her packed suitcase and fled in a car with Can.

Police spotted the runaways in the town’s bazaar a few hours later, but they escaped, dumping the suitcase which contained her money and passport.

Faye reportedly told a fellow holiday-maker of Can, said to be violent and abusive: ‘He said he would kill me and my nan – I’ve got to keep him sweet.’

Georgina White, 15, who met the girl a week and a half earlier while on holiday, said she thought Faye may have gone with Can because she was afraid of what he might do if she rejected him.

 She said the pair met during a trip last year – and Faye had stayed in touch with him via Facebook and Skype.

But Miss White allegedly saw him choke Faye in front of onlookers, including Faye’s mother, Rhonda, 39, at a packed beach bar. Later that night Can also allegedly slapped Miss White.

Miss White, on holiday with her own mother, Denise, 48, said of the initial incident: ‘Faye came out of the toilet and I could see he had her, strangling her – just because we were with some other lads.’

She told the Daily Mirror: ‘I pulled her aside and he told me to “f*** off” and pulled her back.’

‘He came over again a bit later and said her dancing made her look like a s***. I pulled Faye away and he grabbed her again and slapped me around the face.’

Today a British teenager told how she was also seduced by Can and became pregnant.

Alanah Longshaw, from Stirling in Scotland, told how Can groomed her via Facebook, told her he loved her and persuaded her to leave her mother and move in with him in Turkey.

But after she fell pregnant with his child when she was just 16, the 22-year-old told her ‘I hope you and the baby die in labour’.

Alanah, who is now 19, fell for him because he told her that she was beautiful and ‘not like all the other girls’.

Alanah was 16 when she decided to give up her life in Scotland to go and live with him and his family in the village of Adana just outside Marmaris in January 2011.

She said she was so in love with him it didn’t bother her that she was sharing a cramped dilapidated apartment with his mum, stepdad and brother but he had lied to her that he had a job in a tattoo shop when he was in fact a jobless criminal.

After a few months, the couple decided to move to Marmaris to try to find work and get a flat together. It was then her life became unbearable.

They were unable to find a job and were living in squalor in a flat without electricity or any amenities she was used to at home.



She fled back to Britain and went to college to study travel and tourism in a bid to realise her dream of becoming a travel rep.

But she was forced to quit college after she found out she was five months pregnant with Can’s child.

When Alanah told him she was carrying his baby, she says he was happy initially but then he turned, sending her sickening Facebook messages.

She told the newspaper: ‘I was horrified when I received a message from him saying, “I hope that you both die in labour”. What kind of person would say something like that?’

She hasn’t seen him since.



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