Tensions on Syria-Israel border || Two suspicious figures infiltrate unmanned IDF post in Golan Heights


Shots fired on army patrol in the vicinity, after day in which seven errant mortar shells from Syria landed inside Israel. No injuries reported.

Two suspicious figures infiltrated on Tuesday night an unmanned IDF outpost in the demilitarized zone in the Golan Heights, on the Syria-Israel border. At the same time, an army patrol in the vicinity was fired upon. No injuries were reported.

Combat helicopters were called in and a search of the area took place. Military sources said that alarms were not sounded in the Katzrin area.

The incident began when an army patrol identified two suspicious figures in an unmanned position on the eastern side of the border fence. Following the encounter, the patrol was fired on, but it is unclear if the fire came from the two figures or from a different source. None of the soldiers were hurt, and it is not known if the two suspects were hit.

Earlier Tuesday, seven mortar shells landed on the Israeli side, but there were no injuries. The shells were fired in an exchange between Syrian army forces and rebels in the village of El-Madriya in the Golan, which is controlled by President Assad’s forces. Rebel forces attacked the village in the morning and the army responded with massive mortar shelling, in an attempt to repel the attack.

Most of the shells fell on the other side of the border, but several landed on Israel’s side. The seven shells landed in an area used by IDF military vehicles. The army lodged a complaint with the UN over the breach of the ceasefire, and UN personnel arrived in the area, filing their own complaints.

“The last few days have seen fighting in the Golan Heights between the Syrian army and the opposition, some of which is right on the border”, Defense Minister Ya’alon said on Tuesday. “Some shells landed close by, including on our side of the fence. We’re continuing with our stated policy – when there is fire from the Syrian side which endangers our forces or infringes on our sovereignty, we identify the source and destroy it. The bloody civil war continues in Syria, and we do not intervene in the war itself”.


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