Israeli PM Vows Referendum on Peace Deal with Palestinians


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed on Sunday that voters will have the final say on any tangible deal produced during the forthcoming peace talks with Palestinians.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Friday that a deal was reached to resume direct peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians and the first round of negotiations was likely to take place in Washington next week.

The Israeli premier said that such matters were too important for any political force to decide on.

“First of all, if [any deal] is reached, we will put it to a referendum. I believe it is necessary. I don’t think that such decisions… can be made by any coalition alone. The people should be allowed to decide,” he said.

“It will be a difficult dialog, but we are entering it with all our integrity, honesty and hope that this process will be responsible, serious, and, at least at early stages, non-public. It will increase chances of getting a tangible result,” the premier added.




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