Army kills a large number of militants in Syria


The Syrian Army says it has killed a large number of foreign-sponsored militants in and around Damascus and in the central city of Homs.

On Sunday, government troops carried out operations against the militants in Ghouta and Douma in Damascus countryside. Several militants were killed and many others injured in the operations.

The troops killed several more militants, including a number of Jordanian and Saudi nationals, in Ziabiyah and Hujayrah districts of Damascus.

Earlier in the day, the army soldiers reestablished control over most of Homs’s Khaldiyeh area, where they had already captured the Khalid bin Walid Mosque on Saturday.

The troops killed many militants and also dismantled dozens of improvised explosive devices in the streets and in buildings.

The Syrian army said that the militants had planted tens of explosive devices inside the mosque building.

On July 27, the correspondent for the Iran-based Arabic news channel, Rua al-Ali, was injured by the militants in Homs.

On the same day, the militants killed 123 people in Syria’s northern governorate of Aleppo. Reports say most of the victims were civilians.

Late last month, the Syrian army launched a mop-up operation against militants in Homs to recapture areas held by the militants. Syrian troops have cleansed the northern neighborhoods of al-Khaldiyeh and Jouret el-Shayah.

Syria has been gripped by deadly unrest since 2011.

According to the reports, the West and its regional allies – especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey – are supporting the militants inside Syria.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said on July 25 more than 100,000 people have been killed in Syria since the outbreak of foreign-sponsored militancy in the country. Millions of others have been also displaced in the violence.



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