Political turmoil might swell Egyptian work force in KSA



Economic experts believe that the Egyptian expat work force in the Kingdom will increase by 10 to 15 percent in the coming days in the wake of political turmoil and instability plaguing the Arab world’s most populous country.
Egypt has been hit hard by violence in the past three weeks, with some 200 people having been killed since Muhammad Mursi’s ousting by the army on July 3. The turmoil has had an adverse impact on Egypt’s economy and many jobless Egyptians can be expected to turn toward Gulf countries, particularly Saudi Arabia, experts say.
Many private companies have already begun looking for Egyptians to fill vacancies caused by the exit of Indian and Filipino workers following the announcement of the amnesty period. There are more than 1.2 million Egyptian expats living in the Kingdom, constituting the largest Arab community. Most of them are employed in the construction industry and in professions such as teaching, pharmacy and medicine.
Economic expert Farooq Al-Khateeb told Arab News that many Egyptians facing unemployment in their country wish to come to Saudi Arabia, which they consider a safe place. “A lot of private companies in the Kingdom are interested in recruiting Egyptians instead of expats from other countries,” he said.
There are several Egyptians occupying high-ranking positions in private companies who plan to help friends and relatives in Egypt by finding them jobs in the Kingdom.
Fadal Abu Al-Ainain, financial adviser to a number of private companies, told Arab News: “The population density in Egypt is one of the reasons why they seek jobs in Gulf countries, particularly Saudi Arabia, and now with the political crisis, private companies in the Kingdom will be encouraged to hire more Egyptians.”
He said there are many Egyptians with skills in various fields. “The pharmaceutical, construction, teaching and medicine industries are dominated by Egyptians and the number of Egyptians working in such fields is definitely expected to rise.”


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