Turkish Foreign Ministry strongly condemns shooting of ‘innocent’ shepherd by Armenian soldiers


The Turkish Foreign Ministry strongly condemned, in a statement Aug. 1, the shooting of a shepherd by Armenian border guards at the eastern Kars province 
“We strongly condemn the shooting of an innocent citizen for a simple border infringement apparently made very innocently,” the ministry said in the statement, calling on Yerevan to show “good sense” in their relations with their neighbors. 
“There is no valid explanation for the excessive use of Armenian force in such an ordinary event,” the statement added.
Mustafa Ülker, 35, had illegally passed over to the Armenian side crossing the Arpaçay river bordering both countries, reportedly in an attempt to retrieve a lost sheep when he was shot by the Armenian soldiers on the border late July 31. 
“The animal was probably giving birth there. This incident took place when he returned to retrieve the animal,” Gov. Osman Uğurlu of Kars’s Akyaka district, where the incident took place, said about the incident.




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