Australian premier calls general elections for Sep. 7

 Australian Prime Minister Kevin Michael Rudd has called for general elections on September 7 six weeks after he defeated former Prime Minister Julia Gillard in a Labor Party vote.
Rudd is now facing stiff competition from conservative opposition leader, Tony Abbott. Opinion polls suggest Rudd’s Labor Party could lose the election to Abbott.

This comes while Rudd has criticized the opposition parties and figures for talking down the economy.

“While others continue to make false claims that somehow this country is in a debt and defect crisis, they can never answer this simple question. Why does Australia continue to have a triple A credit rating?” he asked.

“At this election the Australian people will decide who they trust best to navigate the way through so that we can have our absolute best shot at maintaining our living standards and our security,” Rudd said.

Meanwhile, Abbott has strongly criticized the Labor party’s economic recovery plans and urged Australians to vote for change.

“Do you really want three more years like the last six?” Abbott asked.

Rudd became prime minister for a second time in late June after Labor lawmakers voted him to replace Julia Gillard in hopes of saving their party from a catastrophic electoral defeat.

Economy, asylum seekers and climate change are among key issues expected to dominate Australia’s election campaigns.


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