Plane skids off runway and crashes after landing on a COW!


A PASSENGER plane has crashed into a COW as it came into land!

The Boeing 737-900 skidded off the runway after it came into contact with one of three animals wandering around the airport.

Sadly, for the unaware grazer, the cow was killed under one of the jet’s wheels.

The pilot told local media he could smell “burning meat” following the incident.

The pilot told local media he could smell “burning meat”

 He said he thought the animals were dogs in front of him, “but it turned out there were three cows wandering in the middle of the runway”.

No passengers were killed or seriously injured in the crash.

Pictures showed the dead cow under the Lion Air plane, which ended up in a field next to the runway.

The plane had begun its journey in Indonesian capital Jakarta, suffering the disturbed landing at an airport on Sulawesi island.

In April, a Lion Air jet crashed into the sea after missing a runway in Bali.

No one died but dozens were injured.



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