Egypt PM urges pro-Morsi protesters to quickly leave protest camps


Egypt’s interim Prime Minister Hazem al-Beblawi has called on supporters of the ousted President, Mohamed Morsi, to immediately leave their protest camps.

“We ask them now again, once again, to quickly leave to their homes and their jobs. The government’s patience to bear this is nearly expired,” said Beblawi in a televised speech issued on Wednesday.

“The cabinet affirms that the decision to disperse the Rabaa al-Adawiya and al-Nahda sit-ins is a final decision, on which all agree, and there is no going back on it . The government’s solicitude for the holy month of Ramadan…in which it hoped the crises would be resolved without the intervention of security, did not mean the cabinet had gone back on its decision,” Beblawi added.

Beblawi also accused the protesters of inciting violence and said their sit-ins are not peaceful

Meanwhile, supporters of Morsi remain camped out in the two major cross-roads in Cairo, demanding his return to power.

Egypt has been the scene of increasing violence since the overthrow of Morsi by the army in early June.

Dozens of protesters, mostly Morsi’s supporters, have been killed or wounded during the violence that broke out after the overthrow.



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