Vast Collection of ABBA Memorabilia Goes on Sale in Sweden


 A private collection of rare memorabilia of the iconic Swedish pop group ABBA will be auctioned this weekend in Stockholm, a Swedish auction house said on its website.

The collection comprises 25,000 items collected by ABBA fan Thomas Nordin since 1974 when the band set off on a journey to stardom by winning the Eurovision contest with their song “Waterloo”.

Among the rarities to be sold are two singles that ABBA recorded in Swedish but never released commercially, an alternative mix of the single “Waterloo,” and a unique collection of ABBA clippings, Stockholms Auktionsverk auction house said.

“The collection also includes unusual merchandise from the United States, Japan and Australia. For example, there are ABBA clogs made exclusively for the American market, rare ABBA soaps and ABBA dolls, a huge collection of clippings and books, and authentic posters,” the auction house said.

The auction on August 10-11 follows the opening of the ABBA Museum in Stockholm three months ago.

The legendary Swedish quartet, which had sold over 370 million albums and singles worldwide and still sells millions of records a year, split in 1983 and never reunited to sing together on stage since then.



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