First 3-D work in Urartu kings’ tombs



For the first time, 3-D models of kings’ tombs in Van Castle, the capital of the Urartu Kingdom, are being made using lasers and the latest development technology.

As the archaeological works have been continuing in the old city of Van and Van Castle, the stone tombs of Urartu kings, one of the most important monuments from the Urartu period, will be explored in detail with the 3-D models.

The Istanbul University Van Region History and Archaeology Center director, Professor Erkan Konyar, said the kings’ tombs in Van Castle showed the success of Urartu architects.

“Besides the works in the old city of Van and the tumulus, another working field is the citadel area. There are monumental tombs of the Urartu kings here. These tombs prove to us that the Urartu architects were the biggest architects of the first millennium. We see here that 200-square-meter stones were processed and tomb houses for kings were created. We are documenting this area. This is very important work in terms of science. We are working with a team made up of topographers, architects and interior decorators.”



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