Princess Diana is not the only celebrity to speak from beyond the grave


From John Lennon to Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson, death is clearly not the final curtain if you’re famous

Princess Diana might think that she’s the bees knees for contacting Naomi Watts to give her blessing to the actor’s portrayal of her in a new biopic, but she’s not doing anything special. Famous dead people have been making bold pronouncements from beyond the grave for years. In fact, the bigger the star, the more important the statement.
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  4. Directors: Oliver Hirschbiegel
  5. Cast: Lee Asquith-Coe, Naomi Watts, Naveen Andrews
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Take Andy Warhol, for example. You might think that he’s busy kicking back and enjoying his retirement from life, but it’s been reported that he often returns to natter with Lady Gaga. Eventually he’ll get around to revealing the meaning of life to her, but for now he apparently just tells her what to wear. So, at the very least, we’ve got someone to blame now.

Then there’s Michael Jackson, who spoke his first unearthly words during a live seance broadcast on Sky1. What were they? A comprehensive statement on the circumstances of his death? A comforting word to his grieving family? Apparently not. According to Derek Acorah, it was: “Will someone say hello to Quincy Jones for me?” Worst of all, nobody did.

Marilyn Monroe briefly surfaced in 2010, too, to tell psychic Kenny Kingston that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie should buy the house she died in. To sweeten the deal, she also offered to haunt the place for them, because it’s always nice to have a giggling, barbiturate-addled ghost lifting up her dress for entertainment when the wifi dies.

But king of the gobby dead celebrities is undoubtedly John Lennon. Over the years he’s told Yoko Ono to calm down, revealed that he’s BFFs with Elvis and Jesus, written songs called Don’t Make Heaven Mad and Cincinnati’s So Much Fun for the psychic Polley family to perform, and either predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall or didn’t say anything at all because he’s dead and that’s not really how it works. Either way, the message is clear: Princess Diana really needs to up her game a bit.


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