Syrian President Assad reshuffles cabinet

 Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has made important changes in the cabinet of the Arab country that has been battling a foreign-sponsored militancy for more than two years.
Assad appointed six new cabinet ministers by issuing a presidential decree on Thursday, the official SANA news agency reported.

The Syrian president replaced the ministers of economy and external trade, industry, internal trade, higher education, tourism, and appointed a minister without portfolio, according to the decree.

Syria has been experiencing deadly unrest since March 2011. The Syrian government says that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and there are reports that a very large number of the armed militants are foreign nationals.

According to reports, the Western powers and their regional allies — especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey — are supporting the militants operating inside Syria.

According to the UN, more than 100,000 people have been killed and a total of 7.8 million of others displaced due to the violence.


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