Bishop Hanna: “Syria’s enemies do not want halt conflict” ~ Larijani: “US, Israeli Entity fuel conflicts in region


During the holy mass held at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the occupied Jerusalem, Hanna said that “our national and moral belonging calls us to sympathize with victims of  violence in the Arab region, particularly in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq which aims at inciting the religious and sectarian conflict.”

The Bishop called for halting violence in Syria, affirming that Syria’s enemies do not want it ended but are working to further stoke the crisis.

Hanna said that Syria will overcome all conspiracies and plots, affirming his solidarity with Syria and Lebanon.

Larijani: US, Israeli Entity fuel conflicts in region

 Speaker of the Iranian Shura Council, Ali Larijani, condemned the U.S.-Israeli plots aimed at fueling conflicts and chaos and destabilizing countries of the region and Islamic states.

In a speech during a session of the council Sunday, Larijani said that events and proofs indicate that the arrogant and hostile countries have started their plots to ignite sedition and chaos in the region after they saw that the developments are not going to serve their interests anymore.

He added that what is happening in Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, particularly the brutality of the recent explosions in Lebanon and the armed theorist groups’ use of chemical weapons in Syria pave the ground for the US and the Zionist entity to fuel sedition and make fake peace with Palestine.

U.S.-reactionism terrorist war on Syria meant to undermine resistance, Iranian official says

In the same context, Assistant Chief of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Massoud Jazaeri, stressed that the terrorist war in Syria is an outcome of a scheme set by the USA and the reactionary powers in the region against the Resistance.

In response to some West officials’ statements on a military intervention against Syria, Gen. Jazaeri warned in a statement Sunday “the USA of crossing the redline regarding Syria,” adding “that would leave severe repercussions on the White House.”

He stressed that the media fanfare going on currently is because of the success achieved by Syria against its enemies.

Jazaeri said that despite the large scale attack, Syria has remained steadfast and achieved victory.

He pointed out that the collaborators with the US and Israel in the terrorist war against Syria will not be safe from retaliation.


Most of the US citizens reject their country’s military interference in Syria (a poll)

A public opinion survey made by “Reuters and Ibises” shows that most of the U.S. citizens reject their country’s interference in Syria and they think that Washington should keep itself away of the current war there, even if it believed the claims of Syrian government’s use to Chemical Weapon.

60% of the respondents say that US should not interfere in the Syrian war, while only 9% say the President Obama should issue an order to interfere the Syrian war militarily.



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