UK not to wait for UN mandate on Syria

 British Prime Minister David Cameron says his government will not wait for a UN mandate to launch an attack on Syria aimed at weakening the government of President Bashar al-Assad.
The British Prime Minister was speaking after touching down and ascending into the sea water after a minor incident.

David Cameron was boasting of a tough response after meeting his military chieftains, where he discussed plans for a swift action to come….!

The Prime Minister also claimed that the National Security Council has agreed “unanimously that the use of chemical weapons by Assad was unacceptable – and the world should not stand by” on Twitter.

Britain, U.S., and other allies as well as their propaganda machine and news outlets are working hands-in-hand to create another scenario in the Middle East.

Cameron and his deputy, Nick Clegg, appeared to imply that such action could take place without a mandate from the UN Security Council – or without waiting for weapons inspectors to report on their examination of the site of the alleged attack in Damscus last week, during which hundreds are reported to have died.

Foreign Office lawyers and the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, are understood already to have examined the legal route for military intervention in Syria using a controversial UN “humanitarian” exemption that allows action without the Security Council’s authority.


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