Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With First Child? Her Rep Says…


With all the many things Justin Theroux said about fiancée Jennifer Aniston in his recent GQ interview, he neglected to share the most interesting tidbit of news: She’s pregnant.

At least, that’s what the cover story of the Sept. 30 issue of Us Weekly would have us believe. The magazine cites “several sources” who all allege that the 44-year-old is expecting her first child. (It’d be Justin’s first, too.)

“She’s thrilled,” one insider claims.

The mag states that the two J’s starting trying for a baby “just months into their courtship.”

In presenting its case, Us outlines all of Jen’s meticulous efforts to cover the baby news — and the baby bump: wearing Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen dresses with camouflaging flourishes and draping around the waist, buying clothes off the rack to avoid revealing her larger size to fashion houses, covering her midsection with a towel on a Cabo beach, having an assistant order water on the rocks to give the illusion of imbibing more potent clear liquids, etc.

Plus, Jen’s publicist denied the pregnancy to Us.

But the We are the Millers star has good reason for all the subterfuge: “She is scared of having a miscarriage, given her age, so they are not saying anything until she is six months along,” the source says.

“But they’re extremely happy. This is the baby Jen always wanted.”

Adding more fuel to the pregnancy speculation is that, according to the magazine, Jen has no on-screen roles currently on the slate. (Her IMDb page begs to differ, however. Miss You Already, a comedic drama in which Jen stars with Toni Collette, is listed as being in “pre-production.”)

Instead, she’s staying behind the camera for the time being, producing films instead of starring in them. “It does feel like an amazing second act,” she tells Us. “I’m so excited.”

Of course, there’s also that little matter of setting a date for the lovebirds’ nuptials. But the magazine’s sources say that they’re enjoying a relaxed, open-ended engagement and that “the baby is taking priority.”

While we wait for the news to be confirmed, we’ll give a pre-emptive congrats to Jen and Justin!


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